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New Report--Funding Matters: The Impact of Canada's New Funding Regime on Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations


From the press release: "This study is the first in-depth examination of how the voluntary and nonprofit sector in Canada is coping after a decade of cost-cutting and restructuring by governments. A year in the making, the study's author consulted close to 200 representatives of nonprofit and voluntary sector organizations, public and private funders and funding experts from across the country."

The full report is available online at, along with the Summary Report, press release, and a series of fact sheets.

InfoSexNet E-Bulletin


In September's issue

* Syphilis Outbreaks on the Rise Globally

* Pharmacists in Saskatchewan Can Now Prescribe Morning-After Pills

* Health Canada Study Finds Canadian Youth at Risk of HIV and STIs

* Internet Used as An Anonymous Testing Tool for Chlamydia

* Sex Matters: Making Sexuality Education Relevant in Your Community....and more.

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This issue of InfoSexNet is also available in French. To obtain a copy, send your request to [email protected]. We would like to publish a monthly French version of the bulletin in French in the coming months, and we are looking for submissions of news, resources, research and events in French. If you have any submissions, please send them to [email protected].

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Canadian Health Network's Healthlink


The Canadian Health Network's lineup for October 1st, 2003, includes

* First connections matter for life--Current research shows that paying attention to a child's mental health needs is just as vital as meeting his or her physical needs...

* Time for a change--Twice a year, in April and October, we change our external clocks to realign our schedules with Mother Nature's

* Health Events--Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Autism Awareness Month, World Breastfeeding Week, Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW), National Family Week, and World Mental Health Day

The Canadian Health Network is brought to you by Health Canada and major health organizations across Canada. We're just a click away:

Health Canada News Digest


Headlines for September 2003

1. Health Canada re-launches second-hand smoke campaign

2. Minister of Health calls for federal candidates to the Health Council

3. Background information on the role of Health Canada in Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease cases

4. Health Minister McLellan appoints new members to the MinisterialCouncil on HIV/AIDS

5. Minister McLellan announces appointment of new Governing Council member for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

6. Consultations to update the Quarantine Regulations to take place this fall

7. Health Canada to fund evaluation component of Vancouver's pilot supervised injection site research project

8. The Government of Canada invests $9.7 million to strengthen primary health care in Newfoundland and Labrador

9. Health Minister appoints new members to the Ministerial Advisory Council on Tobacco Control

10. Minister McLellan welcomes National Standards for Cells, Tissues and Organs for Transplantation and Assisted Reproduction

11. $13.6 million to strengthen primary health care in New Brunswick

12. Conference of Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers of Health

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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What's New at


Series of Lecturettes from Overview of Health Communication Campaigns

* Audience Analysis and Segmentation explains the concepts; outlines the types of demographic, psychographic and behavioural characteristics that should be explored before embarking on a campaign; and describes a simple segmentation process.

* Setting Communication Objectives provides guidelines for how to set good objectives for campaigns and realistic objectives for mass media activities.

* Selecting Channels and Vehicles defines channels and vehicles, outlines criteria for selecting the most effective ones and provides a menu of options.

* Message Development explains the core message elements; outlines 12 criteria for developing effective, persuasive materials; and highlights factors to consider when developing messages for youth.

* Materials Production outlines clear communication principles to consider when developing materials.

* Health Communication Evaluation, Effectiveness & Why Campaigns Fail explains the three types of evaluation and outlines sample questions. Tips and information on campaign effectiveness from Dr. Hornik's recent Public Health Communication: Evidence for Behaviour Change is provided as well as a summary of health communication scholar Chuck Atkin's work on Why Campaigns Fail.

New Slide Shows

* 12 Step Action Summary outlines steps to planning, implementing and evaluating a health communication campaign. Related worksheets tools and tips for efficient, effective completion are provided; this is a great overview and checklist for both newbies and seasoned practitioners.

* Media Relations covers a variety of activities from developing and maintaining a long term communication plan and process through to immediate tasks such as pitching stories to the media and interviewing.

All these resources can be found at


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