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This week in OHPE 409.1 we have letters to the editor on stroke prevention, alcohol policy, and technology, along with some comings and goings.

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Policy Analysis for Air Quality and Health


8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

55 John Street, Toronto Metro Hall

A workshop hosted by NERAM and Pollution Probe

The primary purpose of this workshop is to facilitate communication between policymakers, scientists, modelers, and other stakeholders to identify critical policy needs, key issues, and gaps in knowledge for policy analysis. Broadly, the workshops will be driven by three main themes/questions:

1. What is the health significance of air pollution?

Allergy Expo Professionals Forum


11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

National Trade Centre, Exhibition Place

If you are involved in caring for adults or children with allergies, asthma, or food intolerance be sure to register for the AllergyExpo 2005 Professionals Forum. This one-day conference at the start of AllergyExpo is reserved for professionals only and explores more advanced topics of interest to healthcare professionals, government officials, educators, and food and consumer product manufacturers who are developing solutions for this growing healthcare issue.

Electrical Pollution: The Trappings of a Wired Society


1:00-4:00 p.m.

St. Andrews Church, 92 Main Street

So-sponsored by Breast Cancer Research & Education Fund and the

Niagara Healthy Environment Initiative

Researcher Magda Havas from Trent University will present, along with individuals affected by electrical hypersensitivities. Admission is $10.00 and includes refreshments and materials.

For information and directions, call (905) 687-3333.

Whitepath Consulting Training Events


Whitepath Consulting, an Aboriginal set aside business and leader in the development of Aboriginal-specific programs is offering accredited onsite program training courses in Toronto this summer and fall. The three day training events include Addictions Treatment, Violence Prevention and Pre-employment workshops to effectively decrease substance abuse and violence and to effectively increase personal and work-related skills.

For more information on Whitepath Consulting and their programs, visit

Best Start Consultation Services


Best Start provides consultations across Ontario on a wide range of

topics related to maternal health and the health of young children to

service providers who work with expectant parents and young families.

For immediate support, consultants work at no cost by phone, email or

fax to link you to resources, problem-solve, discuss strategies and

approaches, review action plans or funding proposals, or comment on

draft resources. If you are interested in this service, contact a Best

Start consultant. On-site consultations are intensive, in-depth

sessions that can help you work on a specific issue. Content and timing

are tailored to meet your needs. Basic consultations serve to increase

knowledge about current research and implications and help you consider

and select effective strategies. Advanced consultations are designed to

assist you in developing plans, designing initiatives, building

partnerships, problem solving, etc. Best Start covers most costs related

to on-site consultants.

To request an On-Site Consultation, send an email to

* Wendy Burgoyne, 1-800-397-9567 (press 3),;

* Mara Celmins, 1-800-397-9567 extension 345,;

* Mario Corbeil, 1-800-397-9567 (press 3),; or

* Sue Weststrate, 1-800-397-9567 (press 3),

Please be sure to include the following: Contact Name, Organization,

Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Topic/Issue, Language of Consultation

(French, English), What you hope it will accomplish, When would you like

it to occur, Who will participate, and Where it would take place.

Best Start will review requests for On-site Consultations every 6 months

and a decision will be made within 4 weeks of the following deadlines:

* December 1, 2004, for services from April to September 2005

* June 1, 2005, for services from October 2005 to March 2006

* December 1, 2005, for services from April to September 2006

* June 1, 2006, for services from October 2006 to March 2007

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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