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Strengthen community action

South Kent Communities Wellness Coalition


The Community Heart Health Coalition of Chatham-Kent

435 Grand Ave. W., P.O. Box 1136,

Chatham, ON N7M 5L5
519-352-7273 Ext.238 Fax: 519-352-2166

Collaboration - Working Together for Community Capacity


A. Introduction - Collaboration Frameworks for our work

B. Collaboration Framework - NNCO

C. Collaboration - Factors that make it Work

i) Environment;

ii) Membership;

iii) Process/structure;

iv) Communications;

v) Purpose; resources

D. An Ontario Example - Barrie Civic Renewal Roundtable

This feature has been compiled and edited by Alison Stirling, OPC, 180 Dundas Street West, Suite 1900, Toronto. ON M5G 1Z8. Email


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