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Strengthen community action

Health Promotion in Northern Ontario


A. Introduction - News Briefs from the Keeping HP on Public Agenda forums

B. Thunder Bay & District

1. Women's Health Fair

2. Breast Health Activities

3. Working Towards A Smoke-Free Thunder Bay

4. Feeding Children - Thunder Bay Coalition Against Poverty

5. Community Kitchens

6. Health & Safety survey by Statistics Canada

C. Northwestern Ontario

1. Men's Health in Northwestern Ontario

2. Rainy River Safety Coalition

D. Timmins

Withdrawal Management Services

Diabetes Information Service

Aging & Seniors Resources from Health Canada


OHPE Bulletin #40.1 February 6, 1998

A. Experience in Action: A Community Dissemination Kit
1. The Kit Includes
2. Using the Materials -
a) Extending the Dialogue
b) Applying the Lessons
c) The Big question - Where to go from here?
d) A Checklist for Effective Leadership & Consensus Building
3. Where to order the Kit

B. The Safe Living Guide: Home Safety for Seniors

C. Aging Vignettes from NACA

D. NACA Position on Determining Health Care Priorities

Developing Nutrition Month Campaigns


OHPE Bulletin #38.1 January 23, 1998

A. And The Twelve Steps Are...
B. Creative Strategies For Nutrition Month
C. Decide Who You Want To Reach And Get To Know Them (Step 3)
D. Figure Out The Best Ways To Reach Your Audience (Step 6)
E. Get Going On Your Message (Step 8)
F. Evaluate What You've Done (Step 12)


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