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Strengthen community action

WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY? LETS, Charitable Giving, Investing and Income


A. Introduction

B. The LETS story - Local Currencies Help Community Happen

C. Do Canadians Give Their Money and Time Away?

D. Who is Giving of Themselves - the 'limits' of charity?

E. Socially Responsible Investing - another use for your money?

F. A Last Provocative Challenge On Income And Being 'Cost-Effective'

G. References

- submitted by Alison Stirling,

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Application of the Ottawa Charter to Shape Health Promotion Practice


"Poetic in it's Simplicity"...

A. Introduction

B. A "Charter-based" approach to program planning: The Ottawa-Carleton Health Unit Experience.

C. Good work if you can get it.... the 'health promoting' job description.

D. Conclusion

E. References

By Brian Hyndman, consultant at The Health Communication Unit e-mail with assistance from Alison Stirling of OPC.


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