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Education [health,parenting etc]

The 5 C's: Areas to consider for making your health messages accessible to a wider population


I Introduction

II Applying plain writing principles

III Applying health literacy and plain language to the broader context: the 5 C's

IV Context

V Culture

VI Consistency

VII Cueing

VIII Comprehension

-- written by Michelle Black, President, Simply Read Writing Service,



A. Introduction / Overview

B. How is obesity defined?

C. What causes obesity?

D. Why is obesity such a health risk? The link to chronic disease -

E. What can be done to prevent obesity?

F. What can be done to treat obesity?

G. A Call to Action for Communities

H. Sample Initiatives

I. Print References

by Nancy Dubois, ( with the assistance of Erica Di Ruggiero.

The Parenting Alliance: Fostering a Culture of Parenting


A. Introduction

B. The Connection Between Positive Parenting and Healthy Child Development

C. The Need for The Parenting Alliance

D. A Means to an End

E. References

by Bernadette Navarro, Communications Coordinator, The Parenting Alliance.

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Note from the OHPE Team: Bernadette's article provides a wonderful starting point and we would love to feature more articles on this topic. If you are interested in writing for us -- for example on teen parenting, the effects of low socioeconomic status on parenting, or involving parents directly in programming -- please contact or

Shiftwork Like Clockwork: French Version


Sudbury & District Health Unit

 The Sudbury & District Health Unit and the Porcupine Health Unit are pleased to announce the availability of our Shiftwork Like Clockwork Facilitator's Training Guide, French version. This program is set up to enable you to facilitate your own Shiftwork Like Clockwork Workplace Wellness Program.


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