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 * Risk Communication: An Overview
OHPE Bulletin #168.1, August 4, 2000 [Updated and reprinted in 2003]

* Resources on Risk Communication: An Overview
OHPE Bulletin #168.2, Resources on Risk Communication: An Overview, August 4, 2000

Getting the Message Out: A Step By Step Communications Guide for Environmentalists


This 2003 guide is designed to help environmental groups focus their communication efforts. Through exercises, worksheets and basic communications theory, this handbook will help any environmental group bring that focus to its communication efforts.

You can order the book in two different formats: a PDF version, which can be e-mailed to you ($10.00), or a printed book format ($25.00). Visit for more information.

Letters to the Editor, May 2003


A. Responses to OHPE 307.1, "Risk Communication: An Overview (reprint)"

1) J. Challis commentary on SARS communications and link to article

2) Marketing Magazine article "Toronto's PR bungle on SARS"

3) P. Sandman and J. Lanard link to their column "'Fear is spreading faster than SARS'-- and so it should!"

B. Response to OHPE 310.1, "Access to Oral Health Services"

1) Halton Oral Health Outreach Program

From the Archives: OHPE 168.1 Risk Communication: An Overview


For our April 25, 2003 feature, we are reprinting OHPE 168.1, "Risk
Communication: An Overview," originally issued in August 2000:

We have also added new risk communication resources to 168.2:

If you have a resource or point of view to add to this article, let
us know by writing to More information on our Letters
to the Editor column can be found in the OHPE News section of OHPE


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