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The Emergency Declaration of Homelessness as a National Disaster - The ONE PERCENT SOLUTION


A. Introduction on the One Percent Solution from Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

B. Letter on the Letter Writing Campaign, from Cathy Crowe, R.N.

C. Background on A National Housing Strategy

D. Background on Homelessness

E. How to Write Your Letter

F. Implications for all levels of government as stated in the Golden Report

Program Training and Consultation Centre (PTCC)


The OTTAWA office: Janet Nevala, Co-ordinator, c/o Ottawa-Carleton Health Department

495 Richmond Road Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 4A4

TEL: (613) 722-2242 -- FAX: (613) 724-4116

The KITCHENER office: Josie d'Avernas, Senior Consultant, c/o RBJ Health Mgt Assoc.

460 Frederick Street Kitchener, Ontario, N2H 2P5

TEL: (519) 571-9870 -- FAX: (519) 571-9873



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