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Self Help

Self-Help and Peer Support Strategies in Maternal, Newborn, and Family Health


I Introduction

II Needs Assessment

III Action Steps

IV Conclusion

V References

--by Niki Deller, Information Coordinator, Best Start Resource Centre and Gillian Kranias, OSHNET Coordinator, Self-Help Resource Centre, based on their current joint initiative, Self-Help/Peer-Support Strategies in Maternal, Newborn, and Family Health Promotion

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An Accessible, Equitable, and Health-Promoting Approach to Voluntarism


I Introduction

II How Does Self-Help/Mutual Aid Relate To Voluntarism?

III The Diversify the Source, Enhance the Force Project

IV Lessons Learned

V The Mutually Ours Project

VI Tools and Resources for Health Promoters

VII References

-- by Roya Rabbani, Executive Director, Self-Help Resource Centre. The Self-Help Resource Centre is a member of the Ontario Health Promotion Resource System through the Ontario Self-Help Network project. It is a member of the Canadian Volunteer Initiative Ontario Network and the Provincial Volunteer Working Group of the Ministry of Culture and Citizenship. This article is based on a recent presentation by Roya at the Fourth Provincial Volunteer Symposium.


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