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Youth 13-19

Additional Print Resources on Public Policy, Harm Reduction and Raves


Public Policy

* Lindblom, C.E. (1959). The science of muddling through. Public Administration Review, 19, 79-88.

* Stone, D. (2002). Policy paradox: the art of political decision making. (2nd ed.). New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company.

Harm Reduction

* Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. (1993). Best advice: Harm reduction. [position paper]. Toronto, ON: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Working in a Political Climate: Lessons from the Rave Issue


OHPE 271.1, August 9, 2002

I Introduction

II Agenda Setting

III Policy Formulation

IV Decision Making

V Policy Implementation

VI Policy Evaluation

VII Key Learnings

- written by Lawrence Murphy, MA (Counselling Psychology), Health Promotion Specialist in Substance Abuse Prevention with the Hamilton Social and Public Health Services Department and Jennifer Mitton RN BscN, Public Health Nurse with the Regional Niagara Public Health Department.

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Tensions and Possibilities: Forging Better Links Between Family Resource Programs and Child Welfare


I Introduction: The issue

II Project description

III Differences in structure and approach

IV Project findings

V Six areas of concern

VI Ideas for building healthier working relationships:

VII Conclusion

Submitted by Janice MacAulay, FRP Canada,

Using Evaluation to Support Changes in Youth Party Environments


I Introduction

II The Issue: Youth Partying and PITRS

III The PITRS Evaluation Design

IV March 2000 Conference Evaluation Results

V March 2001 Evaluation Results

VI Lessons Learned: Evaluation = Innovation

VII Conclusions

VIII References

Written by Joanne Kaashoek, Toronto Public Health, "Party in the Right Spirit" Program Committee.


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