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Youth 13-19

Adolescent self-esteem and gender: Exploring relations to sexual harrassment, body image, media influence, and emotional expression.


Type of Resource: Article
Source: Journal of youth & adolescence. Special issue 30(2), April 2001, pp. 225-44
Author: Polce-Lynch, M., Myers, B.J., Kliewer, W., Kilmartin, C

The Parenting Alliance: Fostering a Culture of Parenting


A. Introduction

B. The Connection Between Positive Parenting and Healthy Child Development

C. The Need for The Parenting Alliance

D. A Means to an End

E. References

by Bernadette Navarro, Communications Coordinator, The Parenting Alliance.

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Note from the OHPE Team: Bernadette's article provides a wonderful starting point and we would love to feature more articles on this topic. If you are interested in writing for us -- for example on teen parenting, the effects of low socioeconomic status on parenting, or involving parents directly in programming -- please contact or


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