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Senior / Elders 55+

Who Cares for the Caregiver?


I Introduction

II Needs of the informal caregiver

III Caregiver Support Program

IV Conclusion

V References

- written by Lise Tessier, Infirmière en santé publique/Public Health Nurse, Programme de soutien aux aidants naturels/Caregiver Support Program, Ville d'Ottawa/City of Ottawa, 495 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 4A4, 724-4122 #26185

With contributions from Jean McKibbon and Maryan O'Hagan.

Elder abuse by adult children: an applied ecological framework for understanding contextual risk factors and the intergenerational character of quality of life


Type of Resource: Article
Source: International journal of aging & human development, 50(4), 329-359
Author: Schiamberg, L. B., & Gans, D. (2000)

National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health


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