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Senior Coordinator, Public Issues (Youth Advocacy), Canadian Cancer Society


Toronto, Ontario
Deadline March 25, 2012

Every three minutes, another Canadian is faced with fighting cancer. Join the Canadian Cancer Society’s fight against cancer by helping us do everything we can to prevent cancer, save lives and support those living with cancer. You’ll be part of a passionate team determined to change lives and make a difference in the cancer fight.

Sr. Coordinator, Public Issues (Youth Advocacy)

Job Purpose

IDM Best Practices Update for March 2012


March 2012 features for the website IDM Best Practices for health promotion, public health and population health, at, include:

  • Profile (part 1) of Molly Moss (Regina, Canada)
  • Reflection by Molly Moss: Supporting Health in School
  • Jottings by website editor Barbara Kahan: The Heartbreak of Not Following a Comprehensive Best Practices Approach
  • Resource of the Month: Canadian Council on Social Development

New Website--Canadian Harm Reduction Network


The Canadian Harm Reduction Network’s dynamic new website has been launched, and we invite you to check it out at, to get involved, to give us feedback on the website . . . and to join the Network.

The website was developed in response to members’ feedback and was made possible by a grant from the MAC AIDS fund.

Right from the home page, you can access recent news and research articles, upcoming events, campaigns and social media feeds, along with a visual record of community rallies and events.


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